Indiana Lakeshore

My guess is most people don’t think that Indiana has much in the way of a shoreline. Thanks to Lake Michigan Indiana does offer a large lakeshore to enjoy. Along with a few impressive lighthouses, part of this shoreline includes Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. This National Park hugs 15 miles of the southern shore of Lake Michigan and has a lot to offer including a giant sand dune called Mount Baldy. You used to be able to climb up the massive dune to reach a summit with a sweeping view of the lake. The dune summit is now closed after an incident a few years ago when a child fell through an underground hole in the sand and had to be rescued. Mount Baldy is a wandering dune that moves about 4 ft a year. Evidence of this is easy to spot by the sand buried trees. If you are ever in the area take the time to see America’s 61st National Park. 

Cherry Blossoms 2019

This year’s Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC have peaked and everyone has gone blossom crazy! This year the weather has been perfect and the flowers have lasted longer than normal. I braved the madness of people and made a journey down to the tidal basin for sunrise. It was a little overwhelming how many people were there before 6 am. Here are a couple of images I got that turned out ok. 


Furloughed Winter

DC got something to smile about last week, snow! The most we have got in the past few years. I got to enjoy a snow day and took a trek down on the National Mall.  Photographing snow can be hard. Sun bounces off it and the contrast can be difficult to capture. Thankfully there was just enough cloud cover to help diffuse the light. Plus they added a great texture in the sky that looks great.  

New Year More Phish

Kicked off New Year’s 2019 once again seeing Phish play a long weekend of shows in Madison Square Garden. This year marked the 60th time the band has played in the Garden.  Happy that I have been able to make 20 of those shows! Cheers to a Happy New Year! 

End of Year Lights

It’s been a while, but promise I’ve been taking pictures! I wanted to post some of my favorite light trail images of the past year. I’ve always been a fan of pictures that focus on the light made by passing cars. Technique-wise they aren’t difficult to make. Aesthetically it takes some imagination to visualize how a bunch of moving cars will translate into interesting streaks of color. On top of being creative and imagining how the images will turn out, it has been fun searching for new places to shoot at in DC. Google Earth has been a great tool for scouting new places. Still have a list of places to visit, so I’ll share more next year!

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