Indiana Lakeshore

My guess is most people don’t think that Indiana has much in the way of a shoreline. Thanks to Lake Michigan Indiana does offer a large lakeshore to enjoy. Along with a few impressive lighthouses, part of this shoreline includes Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. This National Park hugs 15 miles of the southern shore of Lake Michigan and has a lot to offer including a giant sand dune called Mount Baldy. You used to be able to climb up the massive dune to reach a summit with a sweeping view of the lake. The dune summit is now closed after an incident a few years ago when a child fell through an underground hole in the sand and had to be rescued. Mount Baldy is a wandering dune that moves about 4 ft a year. Evidence of this is easy to spot by the sand buried trees. If you are ever in the area take the time to see America’s 61st National Park. 

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