1. Shooting Stars

    04 Aug 2019
    This past week I spent a night down in southern Colorado near the town of Westcliffe taking pictures from sunset to sunrise, including the night sky and the Milky Way. The International Dark-Sky Association recognizes the area as a Dark Sky Community. It was my first real attempt at shooting…

  2. Boulder OSMP

    25 Jul 2019
    Hello! I know it has been a couple of months, but I have a great excuse. The beginning of June, we moved from DC to Boulder, Colorado. For the unsure, Boulder is just a little north of Denver and closer to the mountains. For years we had wanted to leave…

  3. Indiana Lakeshore

    21 Apr 2019
    My guess is most people don’t think that Indiana has much in the way of a shoreline. Thanks to Lake Michigan Indiana does offer a large lakeshore to enjoy. Along with a few impressive lighthouses, part of this shoreline includes Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. This National Park hugs 15 miles…

  4. Cherry Blossoms 2019

    06 Apr 2019
    This year’s Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC have peaked and everyone has gone blossom crazy! This year the weather has been perfect and the flowers have lasted longer than normal. I braved the madness of people and made a journey down to the tidal basin for sunrise. It was a…

  5. Furloughed Winter

    23 Jan 2019
    DC got something to smile about last week, snow! The most we have got in the past few years. I got to enjoy a snow day and took a trek down on the National Mall.  Photographing snow can be hard. Sun bounces off it and the contrast can be difficult…

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