Colorado Winter

Our first winter in Colorado has come and gone… hopefully… no more snow please! Colorado did not disappoint as Boulder set a record with over 150in on the year. Four storms with above a foot of snow, and one that came close to two feet. Of course, I took advantage of the beautiful looking mountains covered in white and spent some time out taking pictures. Here is a look back at some of my favorites over the past few months. 

Lost Gulch

A few weeks ago Colorado got its first blast of winter weather.. in October. I was a fan of the 15 inches of snow that fell on the area. I didn’t make it out right away to take pictures, but I did venture out a few days after it stopped. Everything was already starting to melt but it still made for some beautiful scenery from Lost Gulch overlook. I’m really looking forward to our next round of snowfall!

Left Hand Canyon

While driving around in the foothills near Boulder, I am always watching for areas to come back to later to take pictures. This canyon was one of those places. A creek rushes through it, bringing crisp mountain waters rushing over a bed of rocks. Great opportunity to make some long exposure images and create that silky smooth looking water. Once I get myself a good pair of waterproof boots, I want to go back and take some pictures from in the water. 

Shooting Stars

This past week I spent a night down in southern Colorado near the town of Westcliffe taking pictures from sunset to sunrise, including the night sky and the Milky Way. The International Dark-Sky Association recognizes the area as a Dark Sky Community. It was my first real attempt at shooting the stars and Milky Way. The weather mostly cooperated, except for the clouds that kept sweeping through the area. Overall it was a great experience. I learned the technical skills to shoot the stars, came away with a few images I like, and found out southern Colorado is beautiful. I look forward to trying to shoot the stars again closer to home in Rocky Mountain Park.

Boulder OSMP

Hello! I know it has been a couple of months, but I have a great excuse. The beginning of June, we moved from DC to Boulder, Colorado. For the unsure, Boulder is just a little north of Denver and closer to the mountains. For years we had wanted to leave the East Coast and move to Colorado. I finally found a job with a great company, so we packed up and made it happen. So far, we are in love with Boulder and Colorado, and we know we made the right decision. 

 Unfortunately, I won’t be making any more DC images. However, I have found a very suitable local replacement. The Boulder Open Space and Moutain Parks system consists of over 45,000 acres of land and 155 miles of trails that have been preserved. I think we have been on about 12 miles of the trails so far. We have been busy exploring the past month, and I am now starting to find and make time to get out and take some new pictures. Hopefully, there will be many more to come soon. 

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